Call for papers. Digitalization: Economy, Politics, Civil Society.



Dear colleagues,

As the editors of The Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes Journal we are very pleased to announce the launch of the guest-edited themed issue
which is planned to be published in September 2019 under the title of Digitalization: Economy, Politics, Civil Society.

Guest Editors: Elena Brodovskaya, Doctor of Political Science, Professor at the Department of Political Science and Mass Communications, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Tong-Yi Huang, Professor at the Department of Public Administration, North Carolina Central University; Executive Director, Taiwan e-Government Research Center.

Editor-in-Chief: Anna Kuleshova, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Program Curator at the VCIOM Publishing House.

Working Languages: English and Russian (all materials included in this issue are to be published in Russian or English).

Type: Electronic scientific journal (all texts and materials will be available on the official website of VCIOM.

Indexation: Issue will be indexed in the Scopus database.

We highly encourage authors to use all the features of an electronic scientific journal and add images, audio, video, and other media content relevant to the article.

Please email your applications in Russian or English in .pdf or .doc to Anna Kuleshova,
Editor-in-Chief, at by January 20, 2019.

Your article application should contain the article title, five keywords, abstract (300-500 words), and information about the author (name, job title or course of study, place of employment or study).

All applications will be read and reviewed by February 22, 2019.


On Issue

The topicality of the issue’s main subject is related to the current shift and changes happening in the core of modern communication, the tendency for the Internet technologies to become the most important communication tool and their expanding impact on the economy, politics, government, community, and civil society.

The global digitalization trend and the growing role of Internet communications are evident from the undergoing formation and development of the digital economy, the implementation of the e-governance at all levels from local government to authorities, the ongoing tendency to provide online public services and the increasing number of Internet projects widely used during elections. Various political parties, politicians, non-profit organizations and the mass media are expanding the use of Internet communications, while new multiple formats of Internet activity develop and shape the canvas of everyday life.

Internet technologies are gradually implemented in all spheres of corporate, state and municipal government, as well as the non-profit organizations’ activities and becoming increasingly popular all over the world and in Russia.

Points of Focus:

  • Digitalization of the Economy: Key Trends and Actual Practice
  • Civic and Political Activism in Social Media: Main Themes, Opinion Leaders and Hubs
  • Electoral E-Democracy and Its Development Vectors
  • Internetization of Politics and Politicization of Internet
  • E-Government and Information-Oriented Society
  • Digital Technologies in Corporate Governance
  • Civil Society and Media Digitalization

We hope you will enjoy this new issue of The Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes Journal and consider submitting your articles to this promising academic venue.

With our best regards,

Elena Brodovskaya and Tong-Yi Huang